Sunday, July 26, 2009

Conducting a hearing screening in Leon, Nicaragua

Nicaragua is great. I am staying at an employee of the US embassy's home. The employee lives close to the Hondurian Embassy. We even saw the Hondurian President right outside our front door on his way back to his country! Crazy, huh? There were police and cameras everywhere...No other crowd...just the people I am staying with, police, and camera crews!

There were about 28 speech and social work students and two professors from Iowa who came on this Nicaragua trip. Everyone was super genuine and really easy to work with. In the end, we identified 3 people with hearing loss (not related to a cold or cerumen) who will need hearing aids. The other kids with temporary hearing loss due to ear infections and wax were referred to their local hospital for follow-up. I tested about 64 people all together. There is an audiologist in Durango, CO, Dr. Chandace Jeep, who will donate hearing aids. She also lent us her OAE machine to take on the trip. Thanks, Chandace!!!

The children I worked with in March who have autism have made great strides. The teachers really took everything we said to heart, and they have implemented new programs for more "Floortime-play" type activities.

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