Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Running for a cause!

Get your sneakers out (or checkbook) and support Dr. Lawrence as she runs a half-marathon each weekend in one month for a total of four-half marathons! She is running in the Four Corners area to raise awareness and money for upcoming summer 2011 trips to Mexico, Nicaragua, and Honduras. As in past trips, The Speech, Hearing and Balance Institute, Inc. will provide training, support, and instruction. Teachers and parents will learn how to assist their children who are hearing impaired and/or have reduced language skills. Through generous donations, eligible children will be fitted with hearing aids and be given that most wonderful gift of hearing. Think of the joy of a family as their child hears the birds chirping or car horns beeping for the first time! A child's world will become clearer. Please spread the word and your generosity and support Dr. Lawrence in this fundraising event. You can donate a set denomination or as little as 5c per mile (only $6.55 each race!). It's up to you. All donations are appreciated. You can check the status of the specific race each week or to learn more, click on the SHBII website:  Keep following and spread the word!